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Can WhatsApp be more than a messaging platform ?

I live in India and like many Indians, I love the power and simplicity of WhatsApp for connecting to my family and friends. I know many persons from my childhood who never had any interaction with computers, but the way they use this amazing messaging platform, makes me think about the impact of such simplified tools on our world. Whether its sharing awesome moments with family members, planning a hangout with friends or just sharing some information with a stranger, its incredibly easy now, thanks to WhatsApp.

This simplified technology raised a question in my mind, how can we make this messaging platform to a Internet platform for users to access Internet in a much easier way.

There is a lot we can do with this platform, lets have a look into few possibilities.

  • Get access to information from most trusted sources like Wikipediawith just a message.
Buddy is an automated agent, which responds like a friend
  • Control operations of a device simply with a message, without learning complexities of a device.
  • Get specific contents of any website by adding the type of information and website name in message.
  • Imagine getting all route information on maps without even complexities of getting routes on a map application.
  • Search for movies and go to booking page directly with a message.
  • Searching for a price of a product can be a lot easier with a simple message.
  • Find nearest cabs from all vendors with a simple message.
  • Looking over to innovation in IOT(internet of things) technology, in just few years, IOT devices will be everywhere in our world. Which means most of the physical objects will connect to Internet and communicating with all of them will not be an easy task. Communicating just by app interfaces will be too much time consuming and will require specific learning to interact with every device. Voice will be better alternative but what I think is, it’s not a comfortable interaction medium at every point of time. Instead, Interaction using Messaging (IUM) will be an easier way for users to interact with all such devices, users don’t have to learn anything new.

These are just few possibilities and lot more can be done. This concept is a way of accessing Internet services using messaging and is not just limited to whatsApp. It can be applied to any messaging service or new applications can be created for it. I have used WhatsApp as it’s easy to understand with a example of single application, but idea is nowhere limited to WhatsApp messaging service.

The intention is to create a new interface of interacting with devices and the way we consume information. This is how we can make interaction to devices much closer to Human Interaction, the way we communicate with people. This type of interaction will not just save user’s time on performing tasks on these complex devices, but will also enable a larger percentage of world’s population to interact with devices easily in the language they understand with easy access to all information over internet.

Interaction with messaging has a great advantage in areas with low and unstable Internet services. Imagine waiting 10 secs for getting search results and then more seconds going to a website and even more seconds to access information you need. This is scenario very common in low internet penetration areas. Now imagine sending a information request message to whatsApp and moving back to work or task you were doing, you can check results after 10, 15 or even 20 secs, it won’t irritate you as it has become a background task, which doesn’t stop you from your current task.

The purpose of innovation in user interaction technologies should be to give more and more technology power to users in least time possible, so they can spend more time interacting with real people rather than machines.

Interaction using messaging concept has a lot more possibilities and I have just explored few of them, let me know what you think about it ? Is there any idea or possibility coming to your mind?

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